12th January 2017

On the 10th I had an evening skype-type call with Sara Martinez and her colleges from The WAVE Trust 70/30 where I talked about perinatal mental health. It was a little disconcerting as my screen failed to work which meant I was unable to see anyone – including myself. It was strange talking to mid-air! The audience, however, were great and asked some interesting questions.

The following day I was supposed to be speaking on Paternal Mental Health at a Conference in Adelphi House Salford, but was so disappointed I was unable to attend as I had the flu 🙁 , which meant my speech was affected.  Not only would I have been unable to make the 4-hour journey but I suspect my voice would have failed me.  It was so frustrating as I had spent a significant amount of time perfecting my slides!  It appeared to be a great conference and hopefully I will have the privilege of being invited next year.

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