9th February 2017

I was invited to speak at the 15th National Conference in Current Issues in Midwifery entitled ‘Birth in Contemporary Society, organised by the British Journal of Midwifery On the 7th It was held in the America Square Conference Centre in East London.  My talk was ‘Pregnant Women and Mental Health’.  The data stick which contained my presentation failed to open, so Yana Richens OBE stepped in to talk before me whilst my stick was uncontaminated! Yana spoke about her research into tokophobia, which intrigued the audience and fortunately my talk was able to relate to her work.  Following my talk, Mark Williams spoke about fathers and perinatal mental health.  This allowed us the opportunity to discuss developments in training.  Mark and I are in the process of developing a model for paternal depression, which is raising some interest!

I was only a mile away from the Royal London Hospital where I did my training as a student nurse on the ISS 3(Integrated student scheme 3) course. I wanted to revisit the site, but time did not allow, however on the bus journey back to Paddington I was able to reminisce about the times I travelled the same route in my youth.

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