7th January 2017

The New year looks promising as the web team are making headway with the redevelopment of the website, which was so badly damaged by hackers. I have had new business cards printed which now feature both my and Mark Williams websites, which means when either of us are at meetings or conferences, we can reach out to people with our training programmes & information.

As I am on the Executive Committee of the Marcé Society, I regularly join in the monthly teleconferences. The timings are always difficult as we have to make allowances for members on opposite sides of the world, therefore our 5pm is their 5am, or even earlier if they are in the USA. The first meeting of the year had members join in from USA, France, Australia and UK. The planning is already in progress for the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health Biennial Scientific Conference, which is to be held in Bangalore in 2018. Watch this website for details!

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