Meet the Team

Dr Vivienne Jane Hanley PhD, RGN, RMN, Dip HV, Dip Couns, FRSPH

Founder of this website, Jane’s interest in perinatal mental health (PMH)  spans over 30 years. Her first encounter was when she worked in the Bahamas and nursed mothers who had ‘Obeah’  and later when she worked in the Middle East and encountered mothers with ‘Jinn’.  This sparked her interest into why mothers become mentally ill.  Jane’s thesis concentrated on the attitudes to perinatal mental health across cultures.

Jane has written widely on the subject.  She has several published papers, writes for the JHV and has written 2 books:- Perinatal Mental Health and Listening Visits in Perinatal Mental Health.  Jane has developed pathways and programmes. She speaks at conferences and meetings and has been interviewed on ...

Mark Williams

International Fathers Mental Health Day Founder Mark Williams is well qualified in mental health through his personal experience of panic attacks and postnatal depression following the traumatic birth of his son.  He also experienced the difficulty of trying to support his wife Michelle who suffered severe postnatal depression while being unwell himself.  Mark is now an ambassador of WORLD HEALTH INNOVATION SUMMIT.  He is now also motivated speaker for people who want...

Rosemarie Kelly MSc, BA, RGN RMN Dip HV, Dip Couns

Rosemarie is a registered genetic counsellor , working in the  field of genetics for over 20 years, dealing with the complexities and impact on families with or at risk of a genetic condition. Her nursing background includes general, midwifery, psychiatric and health visiting, which provided her with comprehensive understanding of how people deal with changes in their lives.

Rosemarie will help guide you through the mire of listening, reflection and how we deal with the complexities that we face in our daily work when working  with families  who have been affected by perinatal mental illness.

Tom Griffiths BA, MA

Tom is a University Lecturer who has an interest in health, wellbeing and paternal depression.  He has a sound educational background, having worked in both the public sector and higher education for the past 20 years.  Tom has been involved with curriculum development and devising many health service courses.  Tom is the Educational Advisor and works closely with Jane and Mark, to ensure the highest standards of course delivery. 

Steve Jones MA

Steve has a senior background in higher education, lecturing in primary care and mental health for many years.  He has also worked in the public sector.  His expertise is in IT.   Steve is the IT Advisor and helps with the development of the website and the social media sites.

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