Meet the Team

Founder and CEO - Dr Vivienne Jane Hanley PhD, RGN, RMN, Dip HV, Dip Couns, FRSPH

Founder of this website, Jane’s interest in perinatal mental health (PMH) spans over 30 years. Her first experience was in the Bahamas, where Jane worked as a staff nurse and nursed mothers who had ‘Obeah’. As a Senior Sister the Middle East, Jane encountered mothers with ‘Jinn’.  This sparked Jane’s interest into finding out why mothers become mentally ill and their attitude towards their illness.

Jane was a Health Visitor and Practice Counsellor for many years before completing her PhD. This focused on the cultural impact of PMH. Jane then worked in Swansea University as a Lecturer in Primary Care, Public and Mental Health. In 2012-14 Jane was made the President of the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health. She held a ...

Executive Director - Mark Williams

Executive Director - Rosemarie Kelly MSc, BA, RGN, RM, RMN, Dip HV, Dip Couns

Rosemarie is a registered genetic counsellor , working in the  field of genetics for over 20 years, dealing with the complexities and impact on families with or at risk of a genetic condition. Her nursing background includes general, midwifery, psychiatric and health visiting, which provided her with comprehensive understanding of how people deal with changes in their lives.

Rosemarie will help guide you through the mire of listening, reflection and how we deal with the complexities that we face in our daily work when working  with families  who have been affected by perinatal mental illness.

Executive Director - Daniel Hall BSc (Hons) Psychology, MBPSs

Daniel is a psychologist and is currently studying for his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in University of South Wales. Dan joined PMH Training as he is keen to promote equity in perinatal mental health and has a passion for making a difference to parents’ understanding of how ill health can impact on their lives. 

He is particularly drawn to the opportunity to enable the expansion of the health practitioners’ knowledge of fathers’ mental health and to emphasis the influence that poor mental health can have on family dynamics.  Dan’s particular interest is in promoting the universal assessment and screening for perinatal mental health.

Executive Director - Sophie Burch HCBT, CNHC, GQHP

Sophie has joined PMH Training because she has a passion to put perinatal wellbeing more on the map in pregnancy, birth and parenting. Sophie was previously a professional singer but is now known as ‘The Mamma Coach’ and is also a perinatal therapist and coach. Sophie qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Mindful Hypnobirthing, Baby Massage, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy and Holistic Massage, Reiki and ...

Hannah Hall - Media Manager and PMH Contributer

Hi, I’m Hannah,  I am currently working as a midwife in Wales and I’m also a mother who suffered with PND after having my 2nd daughter, which as a result, I have both a personal and professional interest in Perinatal Mental Health. I am affiliated with PMH Training CIC as I work as the Media Manager, a role that I share with Mark. My primary role involves posting on the social media platforms, interacting with followers and promoting our training sessions and e-learning.

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