Afternoon concerts hosted by Jennie Muskett

It was such a delight to meet up with Jenny again. She presented one of the keynote speeches at the 2014 Marcé Conference in Swansea, because of her interest in lullabies and their influence on the unborn infant. The lyrics, tune and tone of the lullabies helped to explore the concerns of pregnant mothers who are waiting, longing and loving. Jenny is known worldwide for her film and TV compositions. Currently Jenny hosts classic concerts performed by world famous musicians.  In these times when attending a live performance is impossible, Jennie provides the best of music at the touch of a button.  To register for her concerts entitled ‘Music with Love’, which are live on a Wednesday afternoon, please visit  If you would like to donate to the site, that would be great too.

To listen to the latest violin duet, please visit  which is truly enchanting.

We hope to work with Jennie later in the year

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