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WHO cite the Hanwill Model!

The Hanwill Model that both Mark and Jane devised has been cited by the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre and Evidence Based Public Health Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health as well as being used in The Brockington MBU and other centres.   Details here

Afternoon concerts hosted by Jennie Muskett

It was such a delight to meet up with Jenny again. She presented one of the keynote speeches at the 2014 Marcé Conference in Swansea, because of her interest in lullabies and their influence on the unborn infant. The lyrics, tune and tone of the lullabies helped to explore the concerns of pregnant mothers who […]

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The International Marcé Society Special Interest Fathers’ Group The White Paper – ‘Expanding the international conversation with fathers’ mental health: Toward an era of inclusion in perinatal research’

Our White Paper has been submitted! I am privileged to be a part of the group which is led by Dr Sheehan Fisher, to include, Dr Richard Fletcher, Professor Barbara Figueiredo, Dr Craig Garfield, Dr Daniel Singley, Dr Paul Ramchandani and Dr Jesus Gomez. One of the longer discussions we had was about the title! […]

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The International Marcé Society Conference Organising Committee

I have been invited to join the Organising Committee for the 41st International Biennial Scientific Conference which will be held from 19th – 21st September, 2022 in London hosted by Prof Louise Howard.  It will be an exciting time working with suggestions from clinicians and practitioners from around the world.

Over 10 years ago I invited researchers and lecturers to join the Swansea University perinatal MH Group. 3 people turned up and one stayed – that was Amy now Professor Brown!  Fast forward to 2021 and I joined the Interdisciplinary Perinatal Mental Health Group at Swansea University. This is headed by Katie Ellis- Davies and […]

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African conference May 25th – 27th 2021

Linos from Zimbabwe, Olajumoke from Nigeria, Dr Lumu from South Africa and Dr Katie-Rose from California, join Mark and me on our weekly Zoom meetings to plan the 2nd African conference on Perinatal Mental Health. Plans are progressing really well as Perinatal MH Training CIC are supporting the conference and helping the team to organise […]

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Jane Honikman

Jane HonikmanJane is a good friend who shared her hotel room with me when I went to Los Angeles to give a talk. Jane is the founder of Postpartum International and still has an active interest in perinatal mental health.  Jane has agreed to do a podcast with us on Grandparenting and perinatal mental health.  […]

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Marcé Society Away Day for Executives

President and Meeting Chair Louise Howard provided an overview of the purpose of a strategic “Away Day” meeting to discuss and brainstorm around key challenges and opportunities for the International Marcé Society. I took part in the last meeting which had 22 participants from approximately 14 countries! These included Scandinavia, Africa, Germany, Australia, USA, UK, […]

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