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Teenagers and times of generations

I listened to radio about the plight of teenagers who are suffering from anxiety and depression but cannot access the overstretched services which would offer help and support.  This has increased significantly since Covid 19. Then I thought, yes, absolutely, the professional services are one of the best support organisations.  However, if you cannot get […]

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Extracting the mire from your mind

I was digging the mud out of my pond a few days ago as the lack of rain had exposed the layers of leaves and clay that had accumulated over many years. No machinery was available so I had to do it all by hand. It was tough work and was probably the equivalent to […]

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Marcé Society

The manuscripts for the topical issue of the Archives of Women’s Mental Health—commemorating the 2020 conference of International Marcé—are now published online. It has a great collection of reviews and abstracts of the poster award recipients

Bringing braille to you

You are visual impaired and you are handed the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)  to fill in.  You cannot see the writing, so you have to ask the health practitioner to read it out to  you.  Where is the equality in that? How marginalised would you feel?  We at PMHT CIC have addressed that my […]

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Grandparents are Grand Parents!

Have you thought that grandmothers and fathers may also suffer from perinatal mental illness? Innovations in technology and our health environments have meant that we as humans are now living longer than ever in our history. We rely on the knowledge and wisdom of our elders to help us to preserve our  survival, yet there […]

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The beauty of Listening

I was thinking about ways to cheer up and prepare for the end of lockdown. I dream of a spa day and a sauna, drenched in exotic oils and potions.  I also look at my hair and know how much better I will feel with a good haircut.  I suspect I am not alone, and […]

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Scott Mair

We are delighted to have Scott Mair on our team!  His recent podcast about Fathers has been well received in the USA via the Marce listserv! One quoted: …..Listening now!  I love this podcast and this episode is so important.  I wish we could implement screening in the US.  Mark, Scott and Daniel have certainly made […]

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Wonderful support for our CIC

We have had very fruitful meetings with Business Wales who are a wonderful support for our CIC and are confident that we have all the right credentials to be a successful company! We have also had fantastic support from Trevor Vanstone Director of Perspectives HR, who has developed our policies and protocols. As we continue […]

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eCourse – Man Up or Man Down Updates

We are updating the Man Up or Man Down eCourse, and adding a few features. It has to be ‘transported to another system’ to ensure our security and copyright.  It will take several weeks but should be ready by the end of September. Watch this space…

Dr Catherine Monk, Professor of Medical Psychology

Last week I was interviewed by Dr Catherine Monk, Professor of Medical Psychology, New York USA. Dr Monk wanted to capture my journey in perinatal mental health thoughts about the Marcé Society and my term as President of the International Marcé Society. The interview lasted 30 mins but I am sure we could have talked […]

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