TRAIN THE TRAINERListening Visits inPerinatal Mental HealthWe are now offering a ‘Train the Trainer’ course in Listening Visits which provides an awareness of the impact, risk factors, assessment and subsequent management of parents who may encounter problems with their mental health during pregnancy and the first year following childbirth.This CPD accredited course is skills-based and […]

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Marcé Society Annual Meeting

United Kingdom and Ireland Marcé Society Annual Meeting Thursday 19th September 2019, The Athenaeum, 107 Pall Mall, London As a member of the Executive Board of the Marcé Society it is a great joy to be able to attend the annual Meeting in London.  You too, are invited to join a range of professionals at […]

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Gold Online Training

Last year, Mark and I did an hour-long training session on Fathers’ Mental Health.  Our PowerPoint presentation accompanied the audio recording. The challenge was obtaining images and photographs which were not copyrighted. I will have the same challenge this time as I have been asked to do presentations on the Listening Visit.

Journal of Health Vising ‘Last Word’

Journal of Health Vising ‘Last Word’ Time to write my quarterly article for the JHV. Each time I am asked to write something current, which affects health.  This month I decided to write about climate change and how Health Visitors can encourage families to think about the resources they use and how their carbon footprint […]

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Government Consultation Document

The Welsh Government has prepared a Consultation Document entitled ‘Together for Mental Health Delivery Plan 2019- 2022’.  There is a call for comments on the document and I intend to respond on the plans for Perinatal Mental Health.

Fathers and Perinatal Mental Health

Our manuscript is about the be put into production!  It will be reviewed and assigned to the Production Manager and in about a month we will be contacted with information about the next steps of the production.  It is hoped it will be in print early next year!

Meetings with Mark

Mark and I have monthly meetings with each other to discuss our progress to date. I must be more visible on Facebook but for a Luddite like me that is easier said and done!  Mark is vociferous in his Facebook ventures, and puts me to shame!  I will try harder!  It is good to brainstorm […]

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Train the Trainer

We are currently working on Train the Trainer programmes for Maternal and Paternal Mental Health and Listening Visits. Watch this space for more news!!