Meetings with Mark

Mark and I have monthly meetings with each other to discuss our progress to date. I must be more visible on Facebook but for a Luddite like me that is easier said and done!  Mark is vociferous in his Facebook ventures, and puts me to shame!  I will try harder!  It is good to brainstorm […]

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Train the Trainer

We are currently working on Train the Trainer programmes for Maternal and Paternal Mental Health and Listening Visits. Watch this space for more news!!

Man up or Man Down?

There have been quite a few interested in this eLearning tool, and the sales are pretty good. However, there are still some who are unaware of it and the work that has gone into making this an excellent way to understand father’s mental health and gain SIX Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, so please take […]

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Welsh Shawl

I have had a bee in my bonnet about the Welsh Shawl, and have done for years. I just think it is a sensible, practical and inexpensive way to carry an infant. It is warm, cosy, comfortable and leaves the mother hands-free to hold the infant and carry on with what she has to do.  […]

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Dr Alain Gregoire and Wendy

Dr Alain and his wife Wendy stopped by my house for tea on their way home.  It was lovely to see both them and Kirstie.  We had a long chat about the future of perinatal mental health and plans for training. For those who don’t know Alain, he is the star psychiatrist in ‘Trust me, […]

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Talk at Oxford Brookes to Midwifery Students

Mark and I were invited to speak to midwifery students about paternal mental Health and the Hanwill Model – which you will see on this website. There must have been an audience of over 200 students – it was a big hall filled to capacity. Unfortunately, laryngitis meant I wasn’t as vocal as I usually […]

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  A warning for other Trainers to be cautious about the company Kaltz.  I was cold-called about an advert insertion in the National NHS Directory.  I foolishly replied ‘All okay’ when asked to respond that I had received their email. Unwittingly that reply tied me into a contract and I was forced to pay out […]

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International Fathers’ Mental Health Day – Monday 17th June 2019

International Fathers’ Mental Health Day – Monday 17th June 2019 This year sees the 4th celebration of International Fathers’ Mental Health Day. The idea was originated by Mark Williams and co-founded by Dr Daniel Singley (USA) in 2017, and has seen the interest expand exponentially across the globe. Why is this Day important and why […]

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I have the privilege of working with Dr Lisa Segre and Dr Mike O’Hara, as one of the certified investigators into the research on Listening Visits and am now on their database. I had to complete the CITI course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects. Shortly I will be taking an active part in […]

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