Following a discussion with Dr Jess Heron who is the Director of Action for Postpartum Psychosis (APP) and a Senior Research Fellow in Perinatal Psychiatry at Birmingham University, it was decided that the group I sing with (Frenzaloud) could support her project.  APP has acquired funding from Comic Relief but this has to be matched.  […]

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We are in the final stages of eLearning, which has meant exhausting and extensive work to put together the whole project.  There are plans to submit it for accreditation with the CPD organisation.


Currently we are helping Aiden Crawley, one of the founders of Circles.  His organisation plan to develop an app to help mothers with perinatal mental illness.  We have helped him to network with professionals and mothers, who have kindly offered to support his venture.  Details of his work can be found on YouTube


Due to demand, Mark and I will be holding Master Classes in Paternal Mental Health and Listening Visits. They will be held, initially, in Mid Wales, but we have plans to expand to London and Manchester.  Please see the website for more details!


It was on route to Birmingham on Wednesday 22nd March that I heard the tragic news of the attack in Westminster, later to hear that there were police raids a few minutes from my hotel and the police were searching a property in my home county of Carmarthenshire. It all seemed too close for comfort. […]

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Web Update

“COMING SOON >>> The web site is having many new features added including our new e-Learning portal.”

9th February 2017

I was invited to speak at the 15th National Conference in Current Issues in Midwifery entitled ‘Birth in Contemporary Society, organised by the British Journal of Midwifery On the 7th.  It was held in the America Square Conference Centre in East London.  My talk was ‘Pregnant Women and Mental Health’.  The data stick which contained […]

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27th January 2017

On the 25th I was in London attending the Editorial Board Meeting of the Journal of Health Visiting. We discussed the content of the Journal, how to encourage new writers and what other areas of health visiting to explore. The meeting was 2 hours and the travel time was 10 hours, but it is such […]

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12th January 2017

On the 10th I had an evening skype-type call with Sara Martinez and her colleges from The WAVE Trust 70/30 where I talked about perinatal mental health. It was a little disconcerting as my screen failed to work which meant I was unable to see anyone – including myself. It was strange talking to mid-air! […]

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