African Conference May 25th – 27th 2021

African Conference May 25th – 27th 2021


Linos from Zimbabwe, Olajumoke from Nigeria, Dr Lumu from South Africa and Dr Katie-Rose from California, join Mark and me on our weekly Zoom meetings to plan the 2nd African conference on Perinatal Mental Health. Plans are progressing really well as Perinatal MH Training CIC are supporting the conference and helping the team to organise speakers and develop the content. The Keynote speakers are experts on perinatal mental health and include Prof Vivette Glover, Prof Louise Howard and Prof John Cox.

We have invited speakers from the UK and Africa, each to speak for 15 mins over the 2 hours each day. We are delighted that Mark, Dan, Jane, Orion and Sylvie have been asked to give talks on their experiences of training and working in perinatal mental health.

In some parts of Africa, traditional healers or community health workers are the only conduit for perinatal mental health care. It is hoped that their roles and experiences will be included in the conference.

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