Extracting the mire from your mind

I was digging the mud out of my pond a few days ago as the lack of rain had exposed the layers of leaves and clay that had accumulated over many years. No machinery was available so I had to do it all by hand. It was tough work and was probably the equivalent to 30 hours in the gym. Despite my exhaustion I found the experience invigorating.  I managed to shift a significant amount of dirt and pave the way for the rains to fill it with clear water. As I was doing it I thought “this is mindfulness” – (not to mention mindless!) I concentrated purely on the task in hand, dismissed all thoughts from my head and just dug my hands into the mud.

Then I thought of what I say to clients when I counsel them.  Sometimes the mind is like a pond, full of muck and if nothing is done about it, it slowly sinks and collects at the bottom. It doesn’t shift and is like a heavy mass, just sitting there.  Then you realise that good things in life are clouded by  that sediment, but is hidden by the clear water above. Pulling out the muck, makes a mess, it is sticky, heavy and  glutenous, but it has to be removed. The water gets clouded by the manoeuvres but as it is extracted, the depth of the water increases and  eventually clears. In other words, sometimes we are unaware of how much life events affect us and how we allow negative things to accumulate. Recognising that we can, sometimes with help, remove those negative thoughts and feelings. It may be painful, exhausting but in the end when we realise what we have achieved, in can indeed be invigorating.

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