What will this training offer me?

Training with Perinatal MH CIC offers you the great opportunity to learn from the experts in their field.  All of the team understand the how important good mental health is during the perinatal period. Their passion is to help and support you to understand how you can recognise mothers and fathers who may be suffering from a mental disorder or illness and to go through all of the ways in which you can help the parents to enjoy their infant and to enjoy life.

What will this training give me professionally?

Whilst this training will not make you an ‘expert’ it will equip you with the skills to understand more fully the reasons why parents suffer in the perinatal period.  Your practice will definitely be enhanced and you will be a more informed practitioner.  The more courses you do the more knowledge you will attain. Some of those we have trained have gone on to do their Masters and PhDs. Some have managed to secure a job following our recognised training.

What sets this training apart from the others?

 If we didn’t believe in what we are doing we wouldn’t do it! We are the longest running company to deliver training in Perinatal Mental Health and our Trainers are the best. Not only do we have experts in the field but also those with lived-experience of postnatal depression, as well as some who are experience in running large organisations and some with talents in complimentary subjects who have diversified to enhance our training.  All of our work is research and evidence-based, and we always incorporate the latest studies. We offer a greater variety of courses across the perinatal period which includes talking about grandmothers, music and yoga.  Our training is so good we have attracted experienced and expert Trainers from as far away as Australia, Africa and America. Most of our courses have Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation and those which don’t are in the process of being submitted

What support do you offer if I have questions? 

 If you need any support, please email us at  and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Then we will either email you or contact you by telephone

Will I be able to use this training within my work?

 Employers, particularly in the NHS and increasingly in the 3rd sector, voluntary, charitable, community organisations and private businesses   want their staff to be properly trained by reputable trainers.  The courses are specifically designed to provide you with the required knowledge to be able to help your clients and use the awareness you have gained to inform your work colleagues.  Our training doesn’t’t stop there and we actively encourage you to be innovative in your work and if you see a ‘gap’ you can encourage your staff to think of ways in which they can fill it effectively.

I’m interested in postpartum depression but don’t have the money to do the course

 Our passion is to train as many as possible, particularly those who have an interest in PMH.

We would hate to think you cannot have the training because you cannot afford it. Please talk to one of our team to see if we have a package that will suit you.

How much additional work will I need to do to certify?

 As with any course, we would like you to enhance your knowledge by reading and or researching your chosen area, though this in not mandatory.  We can recommend books, written by the trainers, on Perinatal Mental Health, Fathers and Perinatal Mental Health and Listening Visits, and a booklet on Cultural Awareness

I have a personal interest in postnatal depression, does it matter Im not a professional? 

We have specifically designed our courses to make them available for all, so not necessarily just for professionals.  In fact, we welcome participants who have a lived experience, or who are working with parents in the perinatal period  who are distressed, as this can add to the rich tapestry of the training

Are there additional training courses I can do after this?

Please look at our website to see the different courses we offer.  Once you have a knowledge of an awareness of perinatal mental health, you may definitely want to continue with the training we offer

How long after doing the course do the CPD points last?

Once you have achieved the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits, you keep them

Can I do this training in a group?

 Some of our training is designed to work as group training which has the advantage of learning from and sharing others’ experience and ideas.  Our eLearning courses allow you to train at your own pace, where you can take your time to ensure you can make notes, research and gain extra knowledge when it suits you.  Please visit our Eventbrite pages for the dates of our webinars.

 I am a restaurant owner. Some of my female staff are pregnant and stressed. I wonder if the Awareness course is right for me and my manager to attend

Most certainly it is.  The course covers all aspects of the recognition and management of perinatal mental health.  This includes stress during pregnancy and postnatal depression. You can either purchase the on-line learning, which you can do at your leisure or you and your staff can attend one of our webinars, held with members of our team, who are experts in their field.  You will have the chance to chat and interact with them.  The Awareness Training is advertised on both our website and Eventbrite.