Grandparents are Grand Parents!

Have you thought that grandmothers and fathers may also suffer from perinatal mental illness? Innovations in technology and our health environments have meant that we as humans are now living longer than ever in our history. We rely on the knowledge and wisdom of our elders to help us to preserve our  survival, yet there is still little research on the experiences and expectations of grandparenthood.  We are so privileged to have Jane Honikman, the Founders of Postpartum Support International, who lives in California and has a wealth of knowledge around perinatal mental health and as Jane says: By including grandparenthood, we are acknowledging that everyone is emotionally impacted by conception, birth and raising children. It makes complete sense to me to say that “postpartum is forever’.

Please keep an eye out for Jane’s course on Grandparents and Perinatal Mental Health which will be coming soon!!

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