International Father’s Mental Health Day 2020

International Father's Mental Health Day 2020

This year the International Fathers Mental Health Day falls on Monday 20th June, the day after Fathers Day. 

There is a stigma against experiencing difficulties in early parenthood for men.  Society views men as stoic, self-sacrificing, and above all, strong. While men feel none of those things as new fathers, they don’t want to admit it or seek help.

PMH Training  is an enthusiastic supporter of IFMHD as a means to take a whole-family, father-inclusive approach by shedding light on the best practices and related resources for dads, their partners, and those who support them.

Founded by paternal postpartum depression survivor Mark Williams and fatherhood mental health expert and PSI board member Dr. Daniel Singley, IFMHD involves taking the day after Father’s Day to launch a focused social media campaign which highlights key aspects of fathers’ mental health.


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