Jenny Musket

Jennie is a British Emmy winning and Bafta nominated film and TV composer. She has composed many high-profile music scores. One her famous compositions was for the TV series Spooks. I was introduced to Jennie by Vivette Glover who was and still is a great admirer of Jennie’ s work. Jennie became involved with Vivette whilst doing a study ‘With you in the World’ a collection of lullabies, composed by Jennie specifically for pregnant mothers and their babies. Working with Vivette and from various studies, we know that music has a profound effect on our body and our emotions. Music can affect and alter our mood and wellbeing and more importantly, it can help to reduce anxiety and depression. Jennie produced calming lullabies as an important resource for mothers during their pregnancy, to help them feel tranquil and stress- free to enabling them to connect with their unborn infant.

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