Marce Dedication

WHEREAS The Marcé Society is the leading international organisation promoting the welfare of perinatal women and their families through research, clinical care and advocacy;

WHEREAS President Jane Hanley and her Executive Committee work together to promote the goals of the Marcé Society throughout the world;

WHEREAS Jane Hanley has directed the Executive with humour, wisdom and a calm approach;

WHEREAS Jane Hanley has continued to strengthen the Marcé Society central office;

WHEREAS Jane Hanley promoted the involvement of all health professionals in the care of women with perinatal mental illness; and as a Health Visitor, has helped to change the face of Perinatal Mental Health;

WHEREAS Jane Hanley has managed funds wisely to keep the Society on a sound financial footing;

WHEREAS Jane Hanley has fostered collegial relationships amongst the regional societies and the international Marcé Society

WHEREAS Jane Hanley has promoted new initiatives to enhance the Society including media communication and an updated Constitution;

WHEREAS Jane Hanley has organised and impressive biennial meeting of the Marcé Society in Wales 2014

WHEREAS Jane Hanley has encouraged and motivated us all by her dedication, ability and friendship – and so has helped the Society to show the way forward for the rest of health care; now therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That we the Members of the Marcé Society express our gratitude to President Jane Hanley for her dedicated leadership and service to us all.