Last month was very busy as I had the pleasure of interviewing 3 of the Founding Fathers of the International Marcé Society. I was accompanied by Dr Lauren Carson, and we made 3 separate trips covering over 1,000 miles. We wanted to capture the history of the Marcé Society and learn about the contributions that eminent professors had made to perinatal mental health and to the Marcé Society.

Prof Eugene Paykel who was one of the first Presidents of the Marcé Society. Although retired for several years is still active in academia, and was delighted to have the opportunity to reminisce about his Presidency and his achievements. Whilst working in St Georges Hospital in London, Prof Paykel spoke of his concern that mothers who were admitted for treatment of a serious mental disorder were being separated from their baby. To rectify this, he had provisions made for the babies to be housed next to their mothers whilst they were in hospital. Thirty years later we are still arguing for the necessity of a Mother and Baby Unit. A wonderful, intelligent, influential and inspirational man.

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