Our final visit was to Prof John Cox, who remains active in perinatal psychiatry. Prof Cox has an enviable career covering over 60 years. His publications span the decades from 1975 to the present day and his list of achievements and wards range from fellowships to medals. It was my pleasure in 2014 to award him the ‘John Cox’ medal for outstanding contribution to perinatal mental health at the Marcé conference. The medal has subsequently been awarded to 2 other researchers in 2016 and 2018. John fondly remembered his Presidency of the Marcé Society and recalled his conference in Keele, where in the 1990’s he recognised the importance of fathers and their role in maintaining good perinatal mental health. I have known Prof Cox for nearly 15 years and hold in him in high esteem. Supported by his wife Karin, John has been an inspiration to us all.

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