Talk at Oxford Brookes to Midwifery Students

Mark and I were invited to speak to midwifery students about paternal mental Health and the Hanwill Model – which you will see on this website. There must have been an audience of over 200 students – it was a big hall filled to capacity. Unfortunately, laryngitis meant I wasn’t as vocal as I usually am – however we had a lovely reception at an excellent venue with wonderful speakers

Dr Louise Hunter, who organised the day wrote: “Thank you so much for driving such a long way to come and share your wonderful and important  insights and work with us. Your talk ensured that fathers were placed at the heart of families in the minds of everyone there. I am sure this will mean that the students will include fathers in their discussions with parents around mental wellbeing throughout their careers – so you have potentially made a massive difference to the lives of many new dads. Thank you”

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