Teenagers and times of generations

I listened to radio about the plight of teenagers who are suffering from anxiety and depression but cannot access the overstretched services which would offer help and support.  This has increased significantly since Covid 19. Then I thought, yes, absolutely, the professional services are one of the best support organisations.  However, if you cannot get an appointment then what happens? I wonder if we sometimes neglect to talk or even ask our families for help?  I don’t mean running to mam and dad, although that would be the better option, but what about aunties, uncles and grandparents, who might just have experienced the same thoughts and feelings?  Grandmothers were brought up in the lean years following the war and Great Grandparents went through the war. We tend to forget the generational experiences that happen throughout the lifespan. The difficult pregnancy, the traumatic birth, the lack of money, the loss of employment, the loss of a loved one, the menopause, the midlife crisis, the ‘empty nest’ syndrome, the loss of friends, the loss of mind and the loss of life.  Each generation will have suffered or have an understanding of the awfulness of each or some of the events. It is about talking, but equally about listening and sharing.  We need to listen to teenagers but they need to talk with us too.  As Mark and I write our book, these are some of the issues that we have considered

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