The beauty of Listening

I was thinking about ways to cheer up and prepare for the end of lockdown. I dream of a spa day and a sauna, drenched in exotic oils and potions.  I also look at my hair and know how much better I will feel with a good haircut.  I suspect I am not alone, and then I thought about the hairdresser.  Some will have been furloughed and others will have been perilously close to losing their businesses.  They too have had a very tough time.

When I visit my hairdresser I have a long chat about my life and hard times and she listens, and remembers.  Then I thought about all the young mothers who will have given birth alone, been deprived of family members to support them and the hair cut or beauty spa will be one of their first ‘treats’.  The hairdresser / beautician will hear all bout their problems and difficulties and some will be in a quandary about what to say or what to do.  So I thought, let’s have a course for hairdressers and beauty therapists  to help them understand what the mothers to be and new mothers have been going through, how they might react and how to support them by listening.  The courses are here on the website!   


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