This is one of the first models for paternal mental health and represents a simple process of identifying and managing fathers who may have paternal depression or other mental health conditions.

The circles are self-explanatory with the baby at the centre, the mother and father, the closest, and the statutory and voluntary services on the periphery.


It is suggested that the father, as well as his pregnant partner, are provided with an assessment tool at an antenatal visit, and then following the delivery, when the Health Visitor does the Birth Visit and again at 6 weeks following the birth of the infant.

Scoring – in conjunction with an ‘interview’

Scores above 12 are routinely referred to the General Practitioner in Primary Care and then referred on either to statutory services and or the voluntary service. If it is below 12, there is no further action but it is suggested this can be reviewed if it is felt necessary


Accepted - then they can partake the specialist help on offer

Rejected – which can happen, particularly if the father is feeling vulnerable they can be offered appropriate literature, websites and apps. Ideally there should be a 2 week follow up to assure the father that help is still available