Four days of fab training with a great group. It is so heart-warming to meet with groups of enthusiastic health practitioners who want to learn and increase their knowledge of perinatal mental health. We were in Howey and the weather was wet and cold, but inside the village hall it was cosy.

Both groups interacted well and we all learned a lot about recognition, detection, communication and management.

There were 2 poems about maternal depression – one I have yet to write up, but the other was: –


Before I took pride

Now I hide

Before I wore designer

Now I don’t care what I wear

Before I lit up the room

Now I’m in the shade everyday

Before I could cope but now I have no hope

Before it was just me

Nobody relied on me

Before I was fit

Now this baby’s always on my tits

I believe that instead of writing lists of symptoms, using artistic flare always brings out the best in people.

One group sat silently as the Three Wise Monkeys – how powerful is that???

Three Wise Monkeys

Three Wise Monkeys

We had role play where the group enthused re-enacting the Jeremy Kyle Show to demonstrate chaotic lives!




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