Welsh Shawl

I have had a bee in my bonnet about the Welsh Shawl, and have done for years. I just think it is a sensible, practical and inexpensive way to carry an infant. It is warm, cosy, comfortable and leaves the mother hands-free to hold the infant and carry on with what she has to do.  It is particularly useful for mothers who are or who have suffered from postnatal depression, as the closeness the shawl helps them to bond and comfort to their infant.

I’ve consulted paediatricians, health visitors, teachers and nursery nurses, who all think it is a great idea. 

Of course, it is not just as simple as applying a piece of material, it has to be the right material, understand the attitudes towards it, it has to be tried and tested, meet strict safety standards and have a seal of approval from Trading Standards.  To that end I have also met with mothers and health workers and professionals to try out the shawl.  There is nothing to say that it can’t be used with fathers and so Mark is arranging for me to meet with a Fathers’ Group to test-drive the shawl and gauge their opinions.

It will be a few more months yet before I can produce evidence-based research, but I am working on it!!

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